Frequently Asked Questions

If there is available quota, it is possible to change campus.

The twins are put in different classes by principle (and also for the coming years) when the class lists are prepared.

At the beginning of April each year, the fee for the next school year is announced.

Açı Primary School students have the right to continue directly to secondary school.

Depending on the students’ preference, we give the necessary support for universities, both local and abroad.

You can find the detailed list of university results in our web site.


According to current legislation, students who are 66 months and older as of September are obliged to start primary school. If they’re not going to start, they should get a medical report.

Classes according to age ranges:

5-6 years old: 1st Jan – 31st December 2018

4-5 years old: 1st Jan – 31st December 2019

3-4 years old: 1st Jan – 31st December 2020

It will be accepted if the medical report is presented during the registration in April.

5 and 4 years of age: 5 full days, 08.30-15.30

3 years: 09.00-15.30

Those who cancel their registration before the school year starts, the annual fee is fully refunded. For those who leave after the school year starts, their payment is refunded by deducting the amount corresponding to the days of education that the student has already attended.